Who’S Still Alive From Good Times?

Who is Jimmy Walker’s wife?

Erin Stiegemeierm.

2005Jimmy Walker/WifeJimmy met his wife Erin Stiegemeier in 2004 (girlfriend by then).

She was a volunteer in a national event while he had started playing golf at that time.

He officially made Erin his wife in 2005 and together they got 2 sons.

She gave birth to McClain(6) and Beckett Walker (4)..

How old is Nathan Bookman?

First appearing in the episode “The Family Business” in Season Two, Bookman, who started out as a recurring character before becoming a main character in Season 3, appears in a total of 58 episodes throughout the show’s run….Nathan BookmanGender:MaleAge:42Occupation/ Career:Housing project building superintendent10 more rows

How old is Ralph Carter now?

59 years (May 30, 1961)Ralph Carter/Age

Where is Michael from good times now?

Actor Ralph Carter, better known for his role as Michael Evans on the ’70s sitcom “Good Times,” is now retired from the spotlight. He’s currently working with an organization that honors Black Theater in NYC.

What is Jimmy Walker’s age?

73 years (June 25, 1947)Jimmie Walker/Age

What is Jimmy Walker’s net worth?

Jimmie Walker net worth and salary: Jimmie Walker is an American actor who has a net worth of $800 thousand.

Is Thelma from Good Times dead?

BernNadette Stanis, who played Thelma Evans Anderson on “Good Times” and remained close to DuBois, said she learned of her death Tuesday from the actress’ daughter. … She appeared to have died of natural causes and no investigation is ongoing, police Sgt. Dan Stubbs said.

How many years did good times run?

six seasonsGood Times is an American television sitcom that aired for six seasons on CBS, from February 8, 1974, to August 1, 1979. Created by Eric Monte and Mike Evans and developed by executive producer Norman Lear, it was television’s first African American two-parent family sitcom.

How much is Thelma from Good Times worth?

Bern Nadette StanisNet Worth:$6 MillionDate of Birth:Dec 22, 1953 (66 years old)Gender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 3 in (1.62 m)Profession:Actor, Author2 more rows

Is Jimmy Walker sick?

Walker’s announcement in August that he’d been diagnosed with Lyme disease helped explain his struggles on the course, but details of his battle with the condition from his wife, Erin, paint a better picture of just how difficult that battle has been.

What happened to JJ from Good Times?

JJ Evans — Jimmie Walker Jimmie served up some behind-the-scenes tea on the show recently, and how the cast were never really “friends” off camera. The comedian, since departing the show has had a steady line of acting work in multiple TV shows and a few recent films, like 2016’s The Comedian and the upcoming CHAAW.

How old is Johnny Brown?

83 years (June 11, 1937)Johnny Brown/Age

Is Esther Rolle still alive?

Deceased (1920–1998)Esther Rolle/Living or Deceased

Is Bookman from Good Times still alive?

John Brown (born June 11, 1937) is an American actor and singer.

Is Janet DuBois dead?

DeceasedJa’Net DuBois/Living or Deceased