Who Is The Most Recent Robin?

Who is Batman’s Favourite Robin?

Meet JarroMeet Jarro, Batman’s Favorite Robin (Ever) Hard as it may be to believe, the confirmation of Jarro–a psychically gifted alien starfish–as not only Batman’s son, but his new Robin, is effectively a minor point in the current arc of Justice League..

Who is Batman’s least favorite Robin?

Batman himself has stated that Tim Drake will one day become the world’s greatest detective and already isn’t far from passing Batman himself. The worst robin according to my view is Jason Todd. The problem with Jason Todd was he was the replacement for Dick Grayson. Dick Grayson was the first robin.

Who loves Batman most?

Batman’s Top 10 Love InterestsSelina Kyle. The best love interest Batman has ever had?Talia al Ghul. It’s hard to argue that Talia al Ghul is one of Bruce’s top love interests given that they have a son together, Damian Wayne. … Zatanna. … Wonder Woman. … Sasha Bordeaux. … Silver St. … Vicki Vale. … Pamela Isley. … More items…•

Who is Alfred’s favorite Robin?

Dick GraysonHe loves and cares for all of them, but I would say Dick Grayson, as like Bruce, Alfred raised Dick from a child to a man who is responsible, good, and formidable. DC has been messing with how old Dick was when he became Robin, but when introduced he was 8 going on 9.

What is Batman’s real name?

Bruce WayneBruce Wayne is the only character to be identified as Batman and is featured in Batman, Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The Dark Knight. Dick Grayson returns to the mantle of Nightwing and appears in his own ongoing series.

Who was the female Robin?

Carrie KelleyBut there are two more Robins, whose lives and legacies have been largely forgotten or ignored: the girl wonders Carrie Kelley and Stephanie Brown. Carrie appeared as Robin in one comic, 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns, which is regarded as the most influential Batman comic in history.

Does Robin turn evil?

In the show Teen Titans – of which this new series is loosely based on alongside the popular comics – Robin betrays the team by siding with Deathstroke, known as Slade Wilson, to become the evil persona Red X.

What happened to all Robins?

Still, nothing last forever. As comics got darker and more sophisticated in the 1970s, Robin was used less frequently. Dick Grayson was allowed to age, attend university and eventually spread his wings. In 1984, he became Nightwing, which left the now abandoned Robin persona open for someone new.

Tim DrakeThe most popular Robin is arguably Tim Drake. That is because he is the Robin with a normal life and living parents(something teenagers can relate to). Unlike the other Boy Wonders before him, Tim has to balance school, dating and homework with crimefighting alongside Batman.

How many robins are there?

Batman’s had five Robins — here’s why – Polygon.

Who is Batman’s favorite Robin?

Dick GraysonIt’s absolutely Dick Grayson. He’s always been the favorite. He’s always been the best. He’s the one Bruce knew he could always count on.

Which Robin became the Joker?

Robin Tim DrakeIn the DC Animated Universe’s Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, former Robin Tim Drake was brainwashed and manipulated into becoming the new Joker after the original Clown Prince perished.

Who is the coolest Robin?

Dick Grayson. (Image credit: DC Comics)Damian Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Tim Drake. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Carrie Kelley. (Image credit: DC Comics) … The Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Robin. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Stephanie Brown. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Helena Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics) … Bruce Wayne, Jr. … More items…•

Who is the bad Robin?

Jason ToddThough initially popular while he was Robin, the character as written by Jim Starlin was not well received by fans following the revamping of his origin by Max Allan Collins in Batman #408–409….Jason ToddNotable aliasesRobin, Red Hood, Red Robin, Batman, Wingman, Arkham Knight,10 more rows

Who is the smartest Robin?

TIM DRAKE13 TIM DRAKE: TECHNOLOGICAL GENIUS It’s fair to say that Tim Drake is the smartest Robin. Specifically, Drake has a brilliant mind for technology, so he excels with computers and science.

How old is Starfire?

As for her latest Rebirth incarnation, the comic’s artist, Jonboy Meyers confirmed she was between 18 and 19 years old (here).

Is Jason Todd evil?

Originally Answered: Is Red Hood (Jason Todd) a hero or a villain? He is what is typically known as an anti-hero. He is a character that often operates on the side of good, but doesn’t have the normal qualities of a hero. Another example of an anti-hero is Punisher, or Venom when he took a more heroic role.