What Is Supposed To Be On A Business Card?

What makes a great business card?

Keep it simple.

Do not cram too much information on the card.

Do include the essentials — your name, title, company name, address, phone and fax numbers, and email and website addresses.

Make sure the typeface is easily readable..

What should you not put on a business card?

1. Missing obvious contact informationBusiness name.Personal name.Job title/specialization.Business website.Business address.Phone number.Email address.Social media handles.

Should you put your cell phone number on a business card?

Omitting Important Contact Information At the very least, the contact information on your business card should include your business name, your name, title, address, phone number, website, and email address.

How do you write an associates degree after your name?

Here’s a list of several common ways to abbreviate an associate degree on a resume:AA (Associate in Arts)AAB (Associate of Applied Business)AAS (Associate in Applied Science)AAT (Associate of Arts in Teaching)ABA (Associate of Business Administration)AS (Associate in Science)

How do you write bachelor of science on a business card?

For example, listing a bachelor’s degree on a business card along with an MBA or Ph. D. is poor MBA business card etiquette. It’s simply too much and comes across as braggy. Instead, place the initials of your degree program after your name on the business card and separate the two with a comma.

Do you put MBA after your name on business card?

A: Listing M.B.A. credentials on a business card certainly isn’t common practice and may even be frowned upon. … No doubt, some recruiters and business associates would regard it as pretentious to put “M.B.A.” on your business card. Even worse, an M.B.A.

Are business cards still relevant 2020?

It’s 2020. The somewhat longer answer is that when designed appropriately and used properly, business cards can be an effective tool to set you or your brand apart from others that refuse to use them. …

What information should be on a business card?

Information to include on your business cardLogo. Your logo is a visual representation of what your company does and what you stand for. … Company Name. Give this plenty of space and make it prominent. … Tagline. … Your name. … Job title. … Logo. … Website. … Contact details (email, phone number, address)

Should you put your qualifications on a business card?

Should I Put My Degree or Professional Designation on My Business Card? … The short answer is that you should only list your academic or professional designation after your name if it is pertinent to the business venture at hand.

Should business cards be double sided?

Double Sided Printing Doubles the Space Available Your business card should include vital details that recipients need to know. You can print a field of color, small graphic, or a simple pattern on the back. A card with graphics on the back looks more sophisticated and high-end, and is more memorable as well.

Contact shopping centers and work out a deal so you can leave business cards on car windshields. Check out city and state laws however, in case it’s illegal in your area.