Quick Answer: Who Uses LinkedIn The Most?

What demographic uses LinkedIn the most?

LinkedIn age & gender demographics17% of 18–24 year olds use LinkedIn.44% of 25–30 year olds use LinkedIn.37% of 30–49 year olds use LinkedIn.24% of 50–64 year olds use LinkedIn.11% of 65+ year olds use LinkedIn..

What age group uses LinkedIn?

Distribution of LinkedIn users worldwide as of October 2020, by age groupShare of users18-2420.3%25-3459.9%35-5416.9%55+3%Oct 29, 2020

Who uses Instagram the most?

The United StatesThe United States head the ranking of the countries with the most Instagram users with 140 million users accessing the photo sharing and editing app as of October 2020. India was ranked second with 120 million Instagram users, ahead of Brazil with an audience of 95 million users.

LinkedIn has over 760 million users, with more than 260 million monthly active users. … According to the Pew Research Center 2018 Social Media Use study, LinkedIn remains popular with college students.

Does LinkedIn make a profit?

Most of LinkedIn’s revenue is generated from three of its major services: Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. Since its acquisition, LinkedIn’s financials have been consolidated with Microsoft’s. In 2018, it contributed $5.3 billion in revenue.

Does anyone still use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is not dying—it’s just changing. Just looking at it based on user account, they now have over 660 million people on the platform. And that number is still growing. The so called “death” we think we’re witnessing with LinkedIn is actually just change. … When LinkedIn first started out, it was a social network.

Who are the main LinkedIn users?

There are 346 million male users and 360 million female users on Linkedin. After the US (171 million+), India (69 million+), China (51 million+), Brazil (45 million+), and Great Britain (29 million+) have the highest number of users. 24% of Millennials (18-24 years old) use Linkedin.

Is Xing better than LinkedIn?

Although LinkedIn is way bigger in terms of global presence (it has 660 million users compared to the 17 million Xing users), the number of active users in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) speaks in favour of Xing. LinkedIn only has 14 million users here, compared to Xing’s 17 million.

Who is the target audience for LinkedIn?

With LinkedIn, you’re targeting a quality audience in a professional context. Market to influencers, decision makers, and executives who act on new opportunities. Combine targeting criteria to build your ideal persona: IT decision makers, C-level executives, prospective students, small business owners, and more.

What age group uses Instagram?

59% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram and 33% of internet users between the ages of 30 and 49 use Instagram. According to one study, 17% of teenagers say that Instagram is the most important social media platform to them and 90% of users are under 35 years old.

What gender uses Instagram the most?

Distribution of Instagram users worldwide as of October 2020, by genderPercentage of usersFemale51%Male49%Oct 29, 2020

How many followers do you need to be an influencer on LinkedIn?

While there is no strict definition of how many followers are required to make someone an influencer, there is a general consensus based on the existing profiles. Accounts with less than 1,000 followers are called nanoinfluencers. These audiences tend to be highly engaged and influenced by nanoinflunecers.

What is LinkedIn top voice?

Today we launched our 5th annual Top Voices list, highlighting the members to follow on LinkedIn. … Amid the whirlwind that was 2020, these people took to LinkedIn to share their expertise, build community and use their voice to speak up on topics that matter.

Do you really need LinkedIn?

It’s usually a good idea to keep a current profile on LinkedIn. Recruiters and hiring managers do use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates and review their credentials. … However, I would absolutely recommend it as it’s an excellent place to apply for positions as well as have recruiters reach out to you.

Which countries use LinkedIn the most?

As of Global 2020, LinkedIn had an audience reach of 170 million users in the United States. The country is by far the leading market of the professional job networking service, with runner-up India only accounting for an audience of 68 million.

Who has the most followers on LinkedIn 2020?

Sir Bill GatesTopping the global LinkedIn ranking is Microsoft co-founder Sir Bill Gates, who’s been keeping a very public profile through his work with the WHO and on Covid since the outbreak. Coming in second with 11 million fewer followers is another celebrity entrepreneur, Virgin founder and CEO Richard Branson.

Does Bill Gates have LinkedIn?

Bill Gates Is Now On LinkedIn, And He Wrote A Great Post About Warren Buffett’s Brilliance. Wikimedia Commons Bill Gates joined LinkedIn Thursday, but unlike many of the social networking site’s 200 million-plus members, he’s not looking for a job.

Instagram will reach 112.5 million U.S. users in 2020 Sure, we just told you that the U.S. audience represents only 11% of all Instagram users. But it’s still an important audience that’s growing consistently.