Quick Answer: Is Sarvesh Verma Enough For Cat?

How is quantum cat book Quora?

Dear all, Quantum CAT by Sarvesh Kumar Verma and the QA book of Arun Sharma are good for QA in CAT.

Quantum CAT or Face to Face or that of Arun Sharma’s for QA in CAT.

Quantum CAT is good for building up your basics.

If you try out LOD1,LOD2 and LOD3 of Arun Sharma religiously,you will sail through CAT ..

Is Arun Sharma good for beginners?

Yes, Arun Sharma books are great for concepts building and then practising tougher questions . … It will be a good practice since there are many questions plus CAT’s past year papers. The Logical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension books are just fine.

Is Arun Sharma enough for SSC CGL?

Answer. The competitive exams generally comprise of quantitative, qualitative aptitude, language skills and General Awareness (static and dynamic GK) . … For qualitative and reasoning, books by M K Pandey, R S Aggarwal and Arun Sharma are good. For English Language, book by S P Bakshi and Kiran Prakashan are good.

Which is better Arun Sharma or Sarvesh K Verma?

I have personally used both Arun Sharma and Sarvesh Verma both books for Quantitative Aptitude. … I would suggest you to go with Arun sharma as it wil give much more clear picture , Once you’re done with arun sharma you can go for sarvesh verma for practicing more questions, but start with Arun sharma book.

Is quantum cat enough for cat?

It is a very good book for cat and other engineering/management examinations. There are 3 levels of problems. 1 st level is easy and 2nd level is quite difficult.By solving these two levels you can crack ibps,ssb and similar entrance examinations.By solving 3 rd level you can master this book.