Quick Answer: Is Cupshe From China?

How long does it take to get a package from Cupshe?

Shipping InformationShipping MethodsDelivery TimeCost (based on order value)Over $220Expedited Shipping6-8 Business DaysFREE for orders over $70, otherwise $6Express Shipping4-5 Business Days$5.

What carrier does Cupshe use?

Customers from the US have to shipping options available: First Class USPS Free Shipping or express shipping via UPS/EMS. Keep in mind that to the delivery time can take up to 4 days longer, because it takes up to 4 days to process and pack your order at CUPSHE.

Can you return Cupshe?

1) Items can be returned or exchanged (excluding beach towels, accessories, and gift cards) within 30 days of receiving your package. 2) Please contact our customer service team if you need to process a return for any reason, service@cupshe.com.

Where does Cupshe ship from?

It’s safe to say that Cupshe is a China-based company that appears to have a US-based warehouse in New Jersey.

Is Beachsissi a Chinese company?

Keep in mind company is based in China so order a month or 2 before you need them.

Is Lascana a good brand?

Excellent! The quality of LASCANA’s swimsuits is great. The delivery was faster than advertised (within 48 hours instead of 5/7 working days). All in all, an absolutely flawless experience.

Is Lascana owned by Venus?

Brewster said Scott is the head of operations for two of its recent sister companies: the Creation L clothing for women, whose customers average the age of 60, and Lascana swimsuits and clothing, whose average customer age is 35. Venus customers range in age from 20-80, with most 35-50.

Where is Lascana made?

GermanyLASCANA – It’s a woman’s world® is a global women’s fashion, swim and lingerie brand founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2006.

Does Cupshe ship from China?

Cupshe ships from the united states if you are a resident but for main europe, usually china and they usually do not charge for shipping unless you want it extremely fast.

Is Cupshe a good website?

Great Experience Cupshe have a great website offering a wide range of sizes. Their sizing guide is fantastic and the 2 bikinis I ordered came fitting just as expected! They shipped to Mexico very quickly, I am really happy with my experience and would recommend to all!

Does Cupshe run big or small?

Also, the high-waisted two-piece suits from Cupshe tend to run true to size, blowing my whole all Cupshe bikinis run a size smaller theory.

What company owns Lascana?

Bon PrixVenus FashionTypeSubsidiaryHeadquarters11711 Marco Beach Drive Jacksonville, Florida United StatesProductsClothing Swimwear AccessoriesNumber of employees250+ParentBon Prix3 more rows