Quick Answer: How Do You Ship A Fridge?

Does Fedex ship refrigerated items?

GoFedEx 1.800.


Perishable products may be subjected to harsh environmental conditions, such as excessive temperature or humidity, on the way to their destination.

We do not provide temperature-controlled shipping services for express shipments..

How much does it cost to ship 600 lbs?

Shipping RatesShipping WeightGround Shipping2-Day Shipping480-499 Lbs$255.98CALL500-549 Lbs$271.98CALL550-599 Lbs$287.18CALL600-649 Lbs$302.38CALL50 more rows

How do you ship a piece of furniture?

How to Ship FurnitureOrder the correct-sized shipping box. … Remove any detachable parts of the furniture. … Wrap the furniture in Styrofoam. … Place the furniture inside the box or make a box around it. … Use polypropylene strapping around the box to keep it intact. … Measure and weigh the package accurately.More items…

Can you tilt a fridge?

Failing to keep your refrigerator upright may cause serious damage to your unit. Your natural instinct when moving a refrigerator will likely be to tilt it on its side. … Regardless of how “natural” it feels, though, you must avoid the temptation of tilting your refrigerator, because even small shifts may damage it.

How do you haul a refrigerator in a pickup?

To transport a refrigerator in a truck you should use a dolly to load it and then set the fridge upright flush against the cab wall in the bed. You will then need to use ratchet straps to anchor and tie down the refrigerator safely before driving.

What is the best way to transport a refrigerator?

A refrigerator should really only be transported in an upright position. If you are deciding how to transport a refrigerator in a pickup truck, trailer or moving truck, remember that it’s best to keep the refrigerator upright, and rent or borrow a vehicle that will allow for that positioning.

How do you fix a refrigerator that was laying down?

If your refrigerator was on its side for more than 24 hours, let it stand upright for 24 hours before plugging it in. Allowing the fridge to stand in its normal position before plugging it in will give the oil time to flow back into the compressor where it belongs.

Where is a fridge compressor?

The compressor pushes out the hot, compressed gas through the outside metal coils (tubes) on the back or bottom of the refrigerator. These coils allow the heat to dissipate into the surrounding air.

How much would it cost to ship a washer and dryer?

Every washer and dryer will vary slightly, but these appliances typically weigh about 100 to 175 lb each. Based on these numbers, a small mover quotes the cost to ship both your washer and dryer to Dallas in the $450 to $500 range, without including insurance.

Can you ship a refrigerator?

There are multiple ways to ship a refrigerator — with a moving company (local or long distance), a freight company or you can do it yourself with the right-sized truck. … For a white glove shipment, they will come inside, wrap your refrigerator and load it on the truck.

Does FedEx ship large items?

With FedEx Express® U.S. services, you can ship packages up to 150 lbs.; up to 119″ in length and 165″ in length and girth. … With FedEx Ground® and FedEx Home Delivery® Services, you can ship packages up to 150 lbs; up to 108″ in length, and 165″ in length plus girth.

How much does it cost to ship large items?

Size and weight of your item as well as the timeframe you are working within can take an effect on the shipping rates. Distance and price of diesel should also be considered. On average, the cost to ship a large item is $1.81 per mile for shorter distance shipments and $0.59 per mile for longer distance shipments.

Can I transport fridge lying down?

If you do lay your fridge down to move it, you can lay it on its front or side, but it’s not recommended that you lay it on its back – the weight of the fridge’s body on its working parts could damage them, even if they’re not exposed.

What happens if you don’t let a fridge settle?

When a refrigerator is placed in a non-standard position (for example on its side), compressor oil can run out of the compressor and up refrigerant lines. So if you don’t stand it upright and wait, the compressor will pump without sufficient oil — not good.

How do I ship a refrigerator for shipping?

Clean, dry, wrap and pack them separately for moving. You don’t want anything to slide around inside the fridge during the move and break. Simply wrap them with blankets, towels, or bubble wrap. After that, close the door shut with a rope or a strap so it will not open once it’s on the dolly.

How do you ship appliances?

How to Ship Large AppliancesRemove and separately pack all loose parts.Properly disconnect and secure water and power lines.Apply non-adhesive tape to doors to keep from opening.Consider purchasing shipping insurance.

Can I ship a refrigerator on its side?

Can You Transport a Fridge on Its Side? It’s best to keep your refrigerator in an upright position for the entire move, no matter what its size. This is because putting a fridge down on its side can cause damage to the refrigerator compressor and keep it from doing its job.