Quick Answer: Can I Convert A Facebook Page To A Group?

Why can’t I join a Facebook group as my page?

But Remember :Group admins may not allow Pages to join their groups.

Pages can only request to join groups and can’t be invited to join secret groups.

If you’ve already joined a group as a profile and want to join the group as Page, you can change who you’re interacting as.

Only Page admins can request to join a group..

To link a group that you admin to your Page:From your News Feed, click Pages in the left menu and select your Page.Click More and then select Groups.Click Link Your Group.Click Link next to the group you want to link your Page to.Click Link Group to confirm.

Can you charge for a Facebook group?

Facebook will now let group administrators start charging $4.99 to $29.99 a month for exclusive membership in certain groups, the company announced today in a blog post. … For now, the feature is still an experiment on mobile and Facebook won’t be getting a cut of the subscription fees.

How many groups can a Facebook page have?

200 groupsYour Page can be the admin of up to 200 groups. These groups are listed on your Page. Note: Pages with age restrictions can’t be linked to a group.

How do I know if my Facebook page is personal or business?

A Business page typically has a list of tabs underneath the profile picture that include additional information about the business, including About, Services, Reviews, Photos, Videos, and more. A Personal page does not include these tabs.

Is it better to have a Facebook page or group?

If you’re looking to establish a brand and promote your business to a large number of people, a Facebook Page makes the most sense. If you’re a new or small businesses looking to establish a presence, a group can be of great help, especially if you sell niche products.

Which is better blog or Facebook page?

A blog post can be an evergreen resource for years, while a Facebook post has a steep drop-off and is virtually valueless after a week, and might as well not exist after a month. Blogs give you more control over who sees your posts.

Are Facebook business pages worth it?

In our experience as a Digital Marketing agency, if you have spent time creating a Business Page on Facebook, it is still worth taking the time to engage with it. The people who liked it are still there, and with some small tweaks to your approach, you can grow your engagement level.

How do I allow my Facebook page to join a group?

How do I allow or not allow Pages to join my Facebook group?From your News Feed click Groups in the left menu and select your group.Click Settings in the left menu.Scroll down to Manage Membership and click next to Who Can Join the Group.Click People and Pages or Only people, then click Save.

Why are Facebook groups better than pages?

Groups allow for a more engaged and focused environment from your audience. While business pages allow companies a place to broadcast their updates and new content, groups allow the audience more freedom in beginning, continuing and even driving discussions.

Can I earn money from Facebook?

Earn money through facebook apps. You can earn money by becoming a facebook app developer. Or, you can develop a facebook app independently. In your app you can earn money by applying for banner ads or you can sell virtual goods of your own or from some gaming companies like EA, Zynga, Popcap etc.

Which is better FB page or group?

The Page is where you can share how your product benefits people along with your latest promos and offers. Overall, it’s a good step if you want to improve your online marketing. The Group, on the other hand, suits those who are looking for a better discussion, along with expanding their networks.

Can I make a Facebook page private?

To make a Facebook page private, you’ll have to unpublish it — this will give you time to make changes without the public seeing. … Unfortunately, there’s no option to make a Facebook business page permanently private to only certain people, as the point of a business page is to promote something to the public.

What is the difference between a Facebook page and group?

While Pages were designed to be the official profiles for entities, such as celebrities, brands or businesses, Facebook Groups are the place for small group communication and for people to share their common interests and express their opinion. … A “Lost” Facebook Group created by a fan.

What is the benefit of having a Facebook page?

Some of the advantages of Facebook business pages include: Brand awareness: Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Your business’ presence will help you gain exposure to potential customers. Drive website traffic: By posting links to your website, you can help increase online visits.

Can I change a FB page to a group?

1. Create a Facebook group with the same title as your page. On your Facebook homepage, click the “More” link next to the Groups tab. Click the “Create Group” button and enter the group’s name, as well as an introduction and contact e-mail for the group.

Can a Facebook page post to a group?

A Page you manage must be linked to your group in order to post from your Page. To change whether you interact as yourself or your Page in your group: From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group from Groups You Manage or by searching for it.