Question: When It Is Available Meaning?

Can I call you is correct?

“Can I call you?” is used when you want to ask permission to phone someone at an undetermined point in the future.

“Shall I call you?” is used when you want to offer to phone someone..

How do you say someone call you?

I would say “When you have time, can you call me?” Or “I want to talk to you in more detail about (something) so would you mind calling me?” Or “I rather talk then text, would you be okay calling me instead” These are just a couple ways to ask. You tell them you have some great information for them.

What does it mean when you get free?

“Get free” is the idiomatic expression meaning to rid yourself of entanglements, i.e., through your own efforts. “Set free” is when someone else does it for you.

How do you write if any?

Think of if any replaced by if there are any and see if this makes any sense. Summary: The first part of the sentence is assumed to exist. The ‘if any’ basically implies the first part to be zero instances, but just in case it’s greater than zero (any), the rest of the statement applies.

For what it’s worth meaning?

informal. said when you are giving someone a piece of information and you are not certain if that information is useful or important: For what it’s worth, I think he may be right.

What does available mean?

present or ready for immediate use1 : present or ready for immediate use available resources. 2a : accessible, obtainable articles available in any drugstore. b : free and able to do something at a particular time should be available to meet next Tuesday.

What’s another word for Available?

In this page you can discover 52 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for available, like: accessible, on-hand, usable, ready, attainable, serviceable, at one’s beck and call, convenient, prepared, handy and on-call.

What’s a word for availability?

What is another word for availability?accessibilityattainabilityhandinessobtainabilityavailablenessconveniencedisposalreadinessease of accessuser-friendliness11 more rows

What is the meaning of if applicable?

if applicable: if relevant, if appropriate.

When you are available meaning?

2. When the person is asking you if you are not yet in a relationship. It can have many meanings: 1. If the person is asking you for your time or your availability because he/she will invite you to on something.

How do you use the word available?

Available sentence examplesThe number of choices available added to the confusion. … No one was available to speak with him until 2:00. … It’s kind of small, but the rent isn’t too bad, and it’ll be available by then. … They were available to each other all the time.More items…

What is the meaning of if any?

: not very many or none at all.