Question: What National Day Is October Fourth?

What happens on October 4th?

In 1957, the Space Age began as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite, into orbit.

In 1970, rock singer Janis Joplin, 27, was found dead in her Hollywood hotel room.

In 1989, Triple Crown-winning racehorse Secretariat, suffering a hoof ailment, was humanely destroyed at age 19..

What do we celebrate in October?

31 Reasons to Celebrate in October01 of 31. Oct. 1: World Vegetarian Day. … 02 of 31. Oct. 2: World Smile Day* (first Friday) … 03 of 31. Oct. 3: ‘Mean Girls’ Appreciation Day. … 04 of 31. Oct. 4: Cinnamon Roll Day. … 05 of 31. Oct. 5: National Be Nice Day. … 06 of 31. Oct. 6: Garlic Lovers Day. … 07 of 31. Oct. 7: National Frappe Day. … 08 of 31. Oct. 8: National Pierogi Day.More items…•

Who died October 4?

October 4 DeathsJanis Joplin (1943-1970) Rock Singer.Audrey Wells (1960-2018) Screenwriter.Diahann Carroll (1935-2019) TV Actress.Roy L. Dennis (1961-1978)Frederic Auguste Bartholdi (1834-1904) Sculptor.Rembrandt (1606-1669) Painter.Graham Chapman (1941-1989) Comedian.Max Planck (1858-1947) Physicist.More items…

Who has a birthday on October 4th?

Celebrities – “FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS: 4 OCTOBER” (287)Susan Sarandon (*Oct 4, 1946)actressUSAlicia Silverstone (*Oct 4, 1976)actressUSTchéky Karyo (*Oct 4, 1953)actorTRCharlton Heston (*Oct 4, 1923)actorUSBuster Keaton (*Oct 4, 1895)actor, comedian, star of silent film, directorUS228 more rows

What is the month of October awareness?

Awareness Months For October 2021Awareness EventNationOrganizationDown Syndrome Awareness MonthUnited StatesNational Down Syndrome SocietyHealthy Lung MonthUnited StatesAmerican Lung AssociationLiver Awareness MonthUnited StatesAmerican Liver FoundationLupus Awareness MonthUnited KingdomLupus UK6 more rows

What happened on 4th October 1957?

BBC ON THIS DAY | 4 | 1957: Sputnik satellite blasts into space. A Russian satellite has been launched into space – the first man-made object ever to leave the Earth’s atmosphere. … The Soviet Union and the USA have both committed to launching satellites for research as part of the International Geophysical Year (IGY).

What are October babies called?

Babies born in October are either Libras (born between September 24 and October 23) or Scorpios (October 24 to November 22). Here’s what the stars say about each of these signs and what it might mean for your October baby’s personality: Libra: Libras are known as peacemakers and have a strong need for justice.

What is special on 4th October?

October 4 was thus chosen as World Animal Day and quite appropriately so as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. … To be conscious and grateful of the precious completeness which animals enrich our life with, to make it a wholesome unit.

What History Month is October?

Heritage Month GuideMonthHeritage CelebratedSeptemberNational Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month (Sept. 15-Oct. 15)OctoberNational Disability Employment Awareness Month and National Italian American Heritage MonthNovemberNational American Indian Heritage MonthDecemberNone to date; are two international commemorations8 more rows

Are October Babies smart?

October-born People Are Smart and Intelligent People often ask them for their advice because they have great ideas and they are very sharp.

What month are intelligent babies born?

You may think you’re smart — but are you smarter than someone born in September? Those born in September are, apparently, the smartest out of the entire year.

What causes are celebrated in October?

OctoberBlack History Month (United Kingdom)Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Filipino American History Month (United States)Italian-American Heritage and Culture Month (United States)LGBT History Month (US and Canada)Miscarriage Awareness Month.National Arts & Humanities Month.National Bullying Prevention Month (US)More items…