Question: What Is Another Word For Elevate?

What is another word for elevating?

Some common synonyms of elevate are boost, heave, hoist, lift, raise, and rear..

What is the word elevate?

Elevate, enhance, exalt, heighten mean to raise or make higher in some respect. To elevate is to raise something up to a higher level, position, or state: to elevate the living standards of a group.

What’s another word for going up?

ascend; go up; climb; rise; take off; rise to the surface; mount; fly up; increase; bristle; flare up; become higher; go upward; get away; be on the upgrade; start; grow; be off; become larger; burn down; burn up; climb up; arise; lift; come up; move up; uprise; approach; near; come on; come near; draw close; draw near.

What’s another way to say level up?

What is another word for level up?advancedevelopshape upget somewhereliftintensifytake it to the next levelturn it upstep it uppush ahead180 more rows

What is the opposite to elevate?

Antonyms for elevate deprecate, depress, decrease, drop, shame, disgrace, upset, lower, denounce, fall, demote, condemn, distress, disdain, spurn, trouble, push down, lessen.

How do you use the word elevate in a sentence?

Use “elevate” in a sentence | “elevate” sentence examplesHis energy and talent elevate him to godlike status.The teacher hoped to elevate the minds of her young pupils by reading them religious stories.Good books may elevate the mind.Don’t elevate your superiors to superstar status.He used a couple of bolsters to elevate his head.More items…•

How do you level up in life?

Here’s a Strategy for Leveling UpChoose one main thing you want to accomplish. Undoubtedly, you will have more things going on at the same time. … Define Resources. The next step is knowing how you will accomplish this goal. … Simplify the System. … Focus on The Compound Effect. … Evaluate and Improve.

What is another word for Transform?

Some common synonyms of transform are convert, metamorphose, transfigure, transmogrify, and transmute. While all these words mean “to change a thing into a different thing,” transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function.

What is the meaning of go up?

verb (intr, mainly adverb) (also preposition) to move or lead to or as if to a higher place or level; rise; increaseprices are always going up; the curtain goes up at eight o’clock; new buildings are going up all around us.

What does elevate your head mean?

By raising the head, one will open breathing passages to improve sleep problems due to health issues and snoring. Benefits of sleeping elevated allow those suffering from the illnesses such as those caused by heart diseases, acid reflux, and congestion problems, as well as sleep apnea.

What is a Elusive?

: tending to elude: such as. a : tending to evade grasp or pursuit elusive prey. b : hard to comprehend or define. c : hard to isolate or identify.

What does level up mean in slang?

to increase one’s stature in life. Getting my degree really helped me level up.

Is it level up or level up?

The modern use of level up as a verb—to advance up a level—pertains to a sense of level that doesn’t already see much verb use associated with it: the gradations of progress in a game.