Question: Can I Use One GST Number For Multiple Businesses?

What is additional business place?

Additional Place of business is the place of business where taxpayer carries out business related activities within the State, in addition to the Principal Place of Business..

How do I get a HSN code?

To configure this, Go to Accounts Information > Groups > Create > Sales Group(Select the ledger group for which you want to set up HSN code) > Set alter GST details > Enter Yes > Enter HSN code here. In this way, you can create HSN codes in Tally at the various levels applicable to you.

How do I register my business for vertical GST?

Registration procedureA registered person eligible to obtain separate registration business verticals may submit a separate application in form GST REG – 01 in respect of each such vertical;The application shall be forwarded to Superintendent of Central Tax;More items…•

How do I get rid of additional places of business in GST?

You can remove the additional place of business by filling up the amendment form in gst portal. Step 2: Just go to Amendment of Registration Core fields option under services/registration. Step 3: Go to additional place of business tab and delete the additional place and submit the application. Your work is done.

What documents are required for adding additional place of business after GST registration?

Property tax receipt. Municipal Khata copy. Electricity bill copy. Ownership deed/document (in the case of owned property)

How can I add GST to another branch?

An application to modify GST registration certificate is made to add branch address. The change will fall under core field amendments, the window for which is open now. The application will be made in form GST REG-14.

Can a proprietor have two firms?

A sole proprietor can operate multiple businesses under one PAN Card. For income tax purpose proprietorship firm are not separate entities, therefore assessment of all the firms registered under one PAN card, is done through merger of their accounting information.

Can we change nature of business in GST?

if you want to change the nature of business in GST Then you have to file the amendment application for the same. Simply login in your account and file the amendment application with the nature of business tab where you have to choose the HSN & SAC Code for the same.

How many HSN codes are there in GST?

It was originally using 6-digit HSN codes to classify commodities for Customs and Central Excise. Later Customs and Central Excise added two more digits to make the codes more precise, resulting in an 8 digit classification.

Can two businesses share the same address under GST?

They are entitled to get separate GST registration from the same address. … The Authority held that there is no prohibition in the GST Act for obtaining registration in a shared office space or virtual office, if the landlord permits such sub leasing as per the agreement.

Can I add more than 5 HSN code in GST?

For including new goods and services in the GST registration, you need to type the relevant HSN codes inside the HSN codes field provided just below the Non-Core Fields. … You have to tap on it, and the relevant goods type will be added. Note:- This way you can include up to 5 goods only on your GST registration.

Is separate registration required for GST?

Therefore according to the applicant, they are not required to have any separate GST registration in Karnataka State. Section 10(1) of the IGST Act 2017 determines the place of supply of goods, other than supply of goods imported into, or exported from India, which has two clauses i.e. (a) and (b).

Can I register two different businesses under one GST number which has a different trade name?

Can I register two different businesses under one GST number which has a different trade name? … If it is in different state, you shall have to take separate registration, though PAN number shall remain the same but state code and check code shall change.

How do I add HSN code to GST?

A) You can now add HSN Codes, manually or in bulk for your products in Uniware. 2- Under General details, with other Mandatory fields required to add a product i.e. Category Code, Product Code, Name GST Tax Type Code*, add HSN Code as well and Save the details.

Why GST NO is required?

GST registration is mandatory in case of supply of goods or services from one state to another (inter-state). For example, if a business in Delhi supplies goods to a business in Haryana, then GST registration is required.

What is GST 14?

GST REG 14 is arranged to use for Application for Cancellation of Registration under Goods and Services Tax Act, <20—> The pdf format of. GST REG 14 for Application for Cancellation of Registration under Goods and Services Tax Act, <20—> is given below to click and download: Download GST REG 14 in pdf format: REG-14. …

Can I use my GST number for multiple business?

More than one GSTIN can be obtained only if a person carries business in two or more States or Union Territories or carries the registration process as multiple business verticals in a single State or Union Territory as the case may be.

How many additional places of business are there in GST?

Actually, in your example, the taxpayer shall obtain 5 different registrations, one each in every state. As per the FAQ’s on GST Enrolment, Additional Place shall be construed to be only “within the same state”. Thus those different offices will not be covered under “Additional Place”.

How many GST numbers are there in one pan?

The goods and services tax (GST) regime allows only one registration against a permanent account number (PAN), but firms with multiple business verticals can choose to apply for multiple registration numbers against a corresponding PAN number, revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia clarified on Thursday.

How do I add another business to GST?

How To Do Changes In Core Fields?Step 1: Go to GST home page by clicking 2: Login with the provided credentials to GST portal.Step 3: Click on ‘Services’ tab from the main menu, hover the mouse on ‘Registration’ tab under services.More items…•

What is additional place of business in GST?

An additional place means a place in addition to original place where GST registration has been taken and issued like a godown or an additional branch/was other than the address where you are registering then that is termed as additional place of business.