How Did Lex Luthor Die?

Why is Lex not in Smallville Season 8?

Though Clark was later located in season 8, Lex remained missing and was presumed dead.

Lex Luthor’s relatively open-ended departure from Smallville meant that Michael Rosenbaum could return for the series finale and return he did..

Is Lex Luthor really dead in Smallville?

Even though we saw Lex be reborned in the finale of the show it wasnt the real Lex Luthor. … The real Lex Luthor had completely died the moment his truck blew up by Oliver Queen. The Lex Luthor we saw in the finale was still even though completely finished and look like lex and have his memories was still a clone.

How was Lex affected by the meteor shower?

Elevated Immune System: After getting caught in the 1989 meteor shower and getting exposed to green kryptonite at age 9, Lex was given a superhuman immune system; as such, it cured his asthma and he has not been sick ever since that day, as the kryptonite increased his white blood cell count, making him immune to …

Who does Chloe Sullivan marry?

Oliver QueenIn the episode “Fortune”, Chloe decides to move to Star City to return to journalism following her marriage to Oliver Queen. In a flashforward in the series finale, Chloe is now the mother to a young boy, but remains in touch with Clark and Lois.

Why did Lex kill Lionel?

Lex blocked guests (sans Clark) at Lionel’s funeral. As Lionel had killed his parents, Lex killed Lionel, proving that he was a product of Lionel’s parenting.

Does Lex Luthor die in Smallville Season 8?

While Lex Luthor is presumed dead, and Lana Lang has left Smallville for good, Clark also meets new characters Davis Bloome, Smallville’s interpretation of Doomsday, as well as the new CEO of LuthorCorp, Tess Mercer.