Can You Drink On A Flight To Dubai?

Is there free alcohol on Emirates flights?

Emirates airline meals are included in the price of your ticket, and all passengers will enjoy a range of complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

All meals onboard Emirates flights are Halal.

Since 2006 Emirates has spent over USD$700 million on its inflight wine program..

What beer do they serve on Emirates?

Heiniken beerEmirates serve Heiniken beer.

What is a twin seat on Emirates flight?

Twin seat: Sit in a row of two with just a window and an aisle seat. These are at the back of our Boeing 777 flights and on the upper deck of some of our A380 aircraft. Extra Legroom: Enjoy more space to stretch out in our extra legroom seats on the exit row*.

Can you drink on an Emirates flight to Dubai?

Emirates has restated that alcohol consumption on its flights is “not prohibited”, in a tweet from its Emirates Support account to a customer questioning whether drinking during a flight could lead to arrest in the UAE.

Is it allowed to bring alcohol to Dubai?

Each traveller is permitted to bring the following with them into the United Arab Emirates (UAE): 4 litres of alcohol or one carton / 24 cans of beer. AED 2,000 worth of cigarettes or 400 sticks of cigarettes. AED 3,000 worth of gifts, including perfume.