Can You Crack CAT In 4 Months?

Can an average student crack CAT in 5 months?

Are 5 months enough to prepare for CAT 2020.

I start with an emphatic YES.

Five months are more than sufficient if one is systematic, consistent and committed.

Very few students have started their preparation in right earnest and almost everyone is gearing up to the same..

Is it possible to crack CAT in 3 months?

Over the years, many students come up to us with this question. For those who are in doubt whether they can crack CAT in 3 months or not, the answer is yes you can. In this article, we will give you a step-by-step study plan that will help you in preparing for CAT in this little but enough time that you have.

Is it possible to crack CAT in a month?

While planning the schedule, the candidate needs to ensure that they assign adequate time to each section and maximize their score at the same time. Mocks & Mock Analysis – It is extremely important for the candidate’s CAT 2020 Preparation that they give as many mocks as possible in this 1-month period.

Which subject is best for CAT?

Subjects in the CAT ExamVerbal and Reading Comprehension (34 questions)Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (32 questions)Quantitative Ability (34 questions)

What is the syllabus of CAT 2020?

So far as the CAT 2020 test sections are concerned, CAT syllabus 2020 can be divided into three sections: Quantitative Ability (QA); Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC).

Is 4 Months enough for cat?

Only four months seem like a short span of time to complete the preparation for CAT but with the right kind of strategy and planning one can score a high percentile in CAT 2020.